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Extra Benefits of Blackout Lining

Lining not only provides functional benefits for your windows but it can also add fullness to your curtains to help them hang better.

With an added layer of extra coating, blackout lining can block out the sunlight. It is commonly used in bedrooms so you are not disturbed by the sunlight. In comparison with the standard lining, the blackout lining is made from a thicker material, which means they can help with thermal insulation and noise reduction.blackout lining

Blackout and dim-out curtains have differing properties and advantages. Dim-out allows for most of the light in the room to be blocked, as opposed to the complete block of a blackout curtain.

Some benefits of the Blackout lining include:

• Ultimate control over the light in a room.

• Reduce the level of street noise entering the room – perfect for helping your children sleep.

• Complete privacy.

• Keep in heat during the winter months.

• Keep out heat during the summer months.

• Uninterrupted sleep – brilliant for night shift workers.

• Protection of furniture and carpet from the fading effects of the sun.

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