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Best 5 curtain headings! Which one to choose?

Everything about curtain headings…

Different curtain headings give different effects, so if you’re planning on buying or making new curtains find out which heading works best.

Beautiful curtains can instantly transform a room from drab to fab. A simple way to add drama and interest to any space, a great set of drapes will give a room a finished, polished look. But it’s not just about the fabric. Different curtain headings give different effects and work better with some materials than others, so start by considering which one best suits your room.


Pinch pleats

double pinch pleat Double or triple pinch pleat curtain headings are fuller than pencil pleats. The pleats are sewn by to a fixed heading and fitted with hooks and can be loosened, so do measure up accurately. Pleats create a more formal tailored look and because of the depth of the pleat, suit a long curtain and a bold pattern or sumptuous material like velvet.

Cartridge Pleat

cartridge pleatCartridge Pleats are used to create a formal, luxurious look that makes a statement with an opulent fabric for curtain headings. They need room to stack back at the side of the window, and are suitable for both tracks and poles.

Eyelet curtains

25mm eyeletsEyelet curtains are a great way to create a modern look, particularly at French windows or bi-fold doors, and hang in wide, loose folds. Poles only but are simple to hang as the big rings slot straight on. If you’re having them made, measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish, adding 3cm for the space from the eyelet to the top of the curtain.


Tab-tops are a contemporary heading suitable for all fabrics and curtain poles up to 45mm. Tabs are usually made in the same fabric as the curtains.

Wave curtains

waveWave curtain headings allow fabrics to hang in wide, even folds. Mounted on a special track that gives this effect, they create a contemporary yet soft, rippling finish that is perfect for modern homes. Very fashionable today.

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