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10 Complete Reasons: Why Choose a Roman Blind?

Roman Blind

Roman Blind are becoming more and more popular every year but have you ever wondered why?

Roman blindHere are our top 10 reasons for choosing a roman blind over curtains:

1. This type of dressing is perfect for smaller windows, which could be overwhelmed by a pair of curtains. Perfect for cottage windows, a roman blind will sit neatly within the recess without taking up any space either side of the window.

2. If you’re a fan of a particular design range but can’t decide between two fabrics, then have both! You could use one for the curtains and a co-ordinating fabric for the blind. Choosing two fabrics from the same collection is a guarantee that they will sit well together and compliment each other perfectly.

3. Perhaps you favour a clean, contemporary, minimalist look. Roman blinds are the ideal choice for this situation, as they have no fussy frills or extra fabric. A roman blind uses the minimum of material and looks like a flat piece of fabric when closed. It folds up concertina style to create smart, sharp folds.

4. If you have a radiator sitting directly under your window covering it with a pair of curtains will ensure that the majority of the heat produced goes up behind the curtains and sits between them and the window. A blind will cover only the window itself offering protection from draughts whilst still allowing the heat to circulate.

5. If you have a wide window or a bay window then the amount of curtaining needed to cover the window will be considerable. Opening and closing such heavy curtains twice a day can become a real bind. It’s much easier to fit a pair of dress curtains and then use one or more roman blinds to swiftly open and close each morning and evening.

6. As a roman blind uses less fabric than a pair of curtains, you can use a large, bold or colourful pattern without fear of overkill.

7. Using a roman blind allows you to lower the blind to protect from the glare of the sun. The pleating style gives plenty of option between open and closed depending on how low the sun is.

8. As blinds site in the recess or just outside the recess of the window then they use considerably less fabric than a pair of curtains would. This means that it can be 25% cheaper to fit a roman blind than a pair of curtains.

9. Roman blinds can be the ideal choice for a kitchen or bathroom in which you don’t want lots of bulky fabric hanging over your sink or taking up precious space.

10. A door curtain can become annoying as ease of opening and closing the door can be compromised with lots of bulky fabric in the area. A roman blind can be fixed directly onto a glazed door making life much easier.

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